Participation in education is a key occupation for children and young people

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In Scotland, children can attend nursery from an early age.  At 5 years old it is a legal requirement that they receive formal education. 

At school they learn, make friends and become more independent.

There are a number of things to consider around participation in education:

Getting to Nursery/School

We know that children (and parents!) function best when the early morning routine is not stressful.  Getting to school in a calm and relaxed state will enable your child to make the most of learning.


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Getting Around Nursery/School

Once at school there are several things to consider with respect to your child moving around within school.


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Organising Yourself

Organising yourself and your belongings is an important part of the nursery/school routine.  Allowing your child to take responsibility for organising themselves and their belongings and to deal with the consequences when this goes wrong can be a helpful learning tool.


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Comfortable Learning

It is vitally important that your child is seated comfortably in order to gain the most from their learning experience.

Taking Part in Class Work

Being able to take part in learning activities is a core element of attending and succeeding at school.  There are many components to this skill including writing and drawing, using scissors and other implements, using IT, and taking part in various practical subjects.

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Paying Attention

In order to learn a child must be able to pay attention to a variety of different stimuli and remain calm and alert.  This can be challenging for many children.

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