Self Care

Learning to wash, dress, eat and toilet independently are important milestones in a child's development

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Self Care

Learning to look after yourself is an essential life skill.  Not only do you as a parent spend the first few years feeding, cleaning and caring for young children but whilst doing so you should be teaching your child to do these activities for themselves.

This can be time consuming and frustrating but it is a necessary part of parenthood in order for your child to achieve independence.

Key Points for Parents

  • As tempting as it is don't take over.
  • Break the task down into manageable chunks.
  • There are different ways to learn; show your child, talk though the stages etc.
  • Practice, practice, PRACTICE makes perfect!
  • Problem solve together - don't correct them if they make a mistake but ask them what they need to do to fix it.
  • Practice when you have time i.e. weekends or evenings.


Learning to dress independently is an important life skill.  Not only does it give the child a sense of achievement to master a new skill but also buys the parent a precious few minutes first thing in the morning! 

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Going to the Toilet

From the early stages of toilet training right up to teaching your child to aim straight; follow the link to access more information and advice.

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Eating Meals

From weaning through to food refusal mealtimes are often associated with stress.  Click the link to access more information, advice and support.

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Looking after my Body

Part of growing up and becoming independent is learning to look after your body.  This is necessary for good health as well as enabling social interaction.

Babies are completely dependent on others to look after all their bodily functions but as a child grows and develops they need to learn to do these things for themselves. 

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