Resources for COVID-19

Specialist Children's Services and the KIDS Team are here to support you during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You will find resources for children and young people, families and information about our services and the changes we have made at this time.

Information and Resources for Talking about COVID-19

There is lots of information available but it's best to stick to trusted sites for safe up to date information.


Children and Young People will be hearing lots about COVID-19 and everyone's life will be disrupted for sometime to come. This can be overwhelming and children and young people will be worrying about themselves, family members and friends. We have resources and links to child friendly information about COVID-19 and why things are different.  Resources to support parents, carers and other family members to not only help children and young people through this difficult time but also to help with their own health and wellbeing.  You will also find information about our services and how to contact as during the COVID-19 Pandemic.