Getting to Nursery/School

Arriving at school on time and prepared for the day ahead is an important factor in the learning experience.

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Getting to Nursery or School

We know that children (and parents!) function best when the early morning routine is not stressful. 

Getting to school in a calm and relaxed state will enable your child to make the most of learning.

Things to consider before your child starts nursery, primary school or secondary school

  • Check with school or nursery what your child needs or is allowed to take with them.  Information about this should be provided at induction.
  • Work out the best route to nursery or school.  This may be by public transport, walking or in a car.
  • Check out public transport timetables.
  • Practice the route several times to work out how long it takes and to see what time you will need to leave the house.

Daily Routines for Morning

It can be difficult for children to understand how much time it takes to get ready in the morning before school and therefore they can run out of time and potentially be late for school.  It is important that your child establishes a good daily routine for school mornings.

Walking Safely to School

Walking to school is great exercise, its fun and a nice way for your child to spend time together with their friends but your child needs to be safe while doing it. By following these tips it will help your child get to and from school without any problems.

Road Safety

Children are never too young to learn about road safety, and there are several resources that can be used to reinforce the messages you teach your child.  Online story books and videos are available to support you to teach your child this skill.

  • Go Safe! Ziggy's Road Safety Mission was launched in Scotland in October 2010.  The main aim is to engage and inspire young children and the adults around them to go on their own road safety learning journey, through real experiences, alongside playing and talking and reading.  There are a number of audio and visual storybooks as well as videos aimed at children.


  • Police Scotland website has lots of good advice for parents and adults with regards to:

Road Safety

Child Cyclist

Children Travelling in Cars