Socks Information Sheet

Advice to assist you in supporting your child to be able to place their socks on independently


The following information is to assist you in supporting your child to be able to place their socks on independently.  This is a skill that children can often find challenging particularly for children who experience difficulties in using both of their hands together to complete a task.  The information will provide you with hints and tips as to how to best support your child to achieve this skill as well as provide details of seamless socks which can be purchased online.


Hints and Tips

  • Socks with different coloured toes and or heels can make it easier for your child to orientate their socks correctly on their feet.
  • If your child struggles to adjust socks to be placed correctly at their heel, try using sports socks which are tubular in shape as these will be easier for your child to put on.
  • If your child’s socks are long, encourage them to gather up material from the top of their sock to the heel of sock, using two hands, before placing on their feet.
  • Avoid socks which have overly tight elastic at ankles.
  • Encourage your child to sit or support themselves against a surface when placing their socks on their feet, as they will be less likely to lose their balance.
  • You may find it helpful initially to place socks over your child’s toes and allow them to pull up onto their feet before.
  • Encourage your child to place their ‘magic thumbs’ inside sock to assist in pulling socks onto feet.
  • It is often helpful for you to sit next to or behind your child when they are completing this task as it will give you more realistic view of what elements they are finding difficult.


If your child does not like wearing socks

If your child does not like wearing socks and appears overly sensitive towards the seams built in within socks, try turning your child’s socks inside out so that the seams are to the outside as this will be less uncomfortable for your child. 
Additionally seamless socks can be purchased, some examples of which can be found below:

Fledglings supply ankle socks that are non binding, seamless socks which offer comfort and relief for sensitive feet.  They feature a ‘no heel’ design for a longer sock life and ease of dressing and are available in white, black or grey.  There are 3 different sizes:

  • Small (size 4 - 7)
  • Medium (size 8 - 11)
  • Large (size 12 - 3)

Sensory Direct also supply “seamless, supersoft socks for kids that can’t stand irritating seams and annoying “lumps and bumps”.  They are available in white, black, blue and charcoal grey and have 6 different sizes in ankle, mid-calf and knee high lengths:

  • Shoe size 3 (infant)
  • Shoe size 3 - 7
  • Shoe size 7 -11
  • Shoe size 12 - 3
  • Shoe size 4 - 7
  • Shoe size 8+


  • Hints and Tips
  • If your child does not like wearing socks