Fizzy Programme

The Fizzy programme has been developed by Kent Community NHS Trust

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Fizzy Programme

The Fizzy and Clever Hands Programme has been developed by therapist in Kent Community NHS Trust.

It has three stages
  • Beginners (level 1)
  • Intermediate (level 2)
  • Advanced (level 3)
The FIZZY and Clever Hands Programmes are recommended by occupational therapy as programmes for schools to use to assist in the development of motor skills for those children who find this challenging. 
It can be helpful to use this programme when you are concerned about a child's motor skills.  It can help you to establish whether or not a referral to occupational therapy is required or can be used while a child is waiting to be seen by occupational therapy.

Fizzy Leaflets

Fizzy Programme works on three specific areas;

Clever Hands Leaflets

Clever Hands works on developing fine motor skills required for participation in every day school activities.