Management of Symptoms

Chronic Pain

Management of Symptoms

How you cope with pain is affected by lots of different things in life. Stress, tiredness, diet and general health can all affect how bad the pain is. When you are tired, anxious, depressed or having problems at home or school, it is harder to cope with pain. Lots of factors are involved in chronic pain and it can often include many different things. Management of the pain is often much more than taking medication. In fact, medicines may not be very helpful. Physiotherapy is often involved in helping people manage their chronic pain.

Physiotherapy uses exercises to get the muscles and joints moving again. Physiotherapists can give advice on pacing activity. A consistent graded increase in activity can help to improve function.

Psychologists can help you learn coping strategies.

Getting better can take time and requires lots of effort from you and your child. There are no quick fixes and this can be frustrating for families at times. It is important to focus on things that can improve your child’s ability to cope with the pain. Normal quality of life includes:

  • Getting back to school full-time.
  • Carrying on with hobbies.
  • Keeping up with families and friends.