Toileting Equipment

Equipment ideas to help with toileting for typically developing children

Toileting Equipment Ideas for Typically Developing Children

There are many High Street suppliers that have a range of toileting accessories that are widely available. Toilet Trainer seats provide basic support to help children use the toilet. Simply place the insert support on the toilet seat for an easy and secure fit.

  • Padded toilet seat with handles help child feel secure.

  • Family toilet seats incorporate adult and child size seats together.
  • Ladder training steps have child size seats and handles to help child feel more secure when accessing the toilet. 
  • Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) toilet support handles can be added to standard toilet offering the feeling of additional security for the child.
  • Toilet steps help children to step up to access the toilet or to step and reach the sink for hand washing.

  • Modular steps are also available in some High Street retailers. These are layers of steps which join together allowing the height to be adjusted to suit the individual user.