Taking Part in Class Work - Technical

Strategy ideas for taking part in Technical


Technical subjects can include: ICT, business, computing science, food and textiles, craft, design, engineering and graphics.

As with everything not all children learn the same way or by just watching. Strategies like breaking down the activity into stages, giving clear instructions, giving time to learn each step, can help. Get your child to say out loud what they are doing when they are doing it. You could help them feel the movement by having your hand over their hand, guiding them through the movement.

Strategy Ideas

Talk about Technical to your child:

  • What do they find hard?
  • What would make technical subjects easier for them?


Talk to the school staff:
Would the strategies below help?

  • Pair with more able pupil
  • Larger / easier to grip apparatus
  • Use equipment to stabilise apparatus so that pupil doesn’t need to
  • Use of technology e.g. for drawings