Smell Issues with Toileting Information Sheet

Advice to help children with smell issues with toileting

Smell Issues with Toileting Information Sheet

Most people are not affected by the smell of their own bowel movements however we tend to find the smell of other peoples bowel movements unpleasant!  It is usually only when they are unwell that people become more aware of their own personal smells.
Some people can however struggle with the smells produced by their own bodily functions and this can prevent them from using the toilet as often as they should.

Activity Ideas

If your child really does not like the smells they make when they go to the toilet try the following suggestions:

  • Put some Vicks VapoRub under your child’s nostrils prior to them going to the toilet.  Why not make your own version of this rub by looking on Pinterest for recipes and ideas.
  • Try putting a few drops of essential oil on a folded piece of tissue and have your child hold it under their nose.
  • Various companies have developed odour neutralisers that prevent the smell from escaping out the toilet after a bowel movement.  These can be found in the toilet cleaning aisle of your local supermarket.  You can make your own version of this; again look on Pinterest for ideas.
  • There are a variety of air freshener available however children who are sensitive to smell can find some of these artificial fragrances overpowering, particularly in the confined space of a bathroom so it is better to find out what your child likes before using this method.