Showering Diagram for a Boy

Visual checklist for a teenage boy showering

Showering Checklist for a Teenage Boy

To make a visual checklist for a teenage boy showering;

  • The attached heets should be printed off.
  • Both sheets should be laminated if possible, in order to survive the damp conditions of a bathroom.  If this isn’t possible try putting the main sheet into a poly pocket and sealing the top with sellotape.
  • Cut round the labels on sheet 2 leaving the colour border around each word intact. 

  • Use either Velcro dots or blue tack to attach the body part labels to the colour coded boxes on the main sheet as per the diagram below.
  • As your child washes each area teach them to remove the appropriate label from the diagram.  This will provide them with a visual prompt as to what areas require to be washed and what areas have already been washed.

N.B If your child does not require to wash his hair everyday then simply do not stick the hair label on the diagram that day.