Aiming for Boys Information Sheet

Advice on teaching your child to aim properly

Aiming for Boys

All mothers of sons will understand the importance of teaching your child to aim properly.  This is an important skill both from a social acceptance perspective as well as from a hygiene point of view! 

It is important to reinforce this skill from the start.  Try to encourage good habits so if your son is in watching daddy empty his bladder, remind dad not to make this a play opportunity. 

Hints and Tips

  • It is possible to purchase toilet training stickers for boy that are designed to stick inside the toilet bowl.  This provides a visual target for them to aim at.
  • If you don’t like the idea of having a sticker permanently on display, try using a single ‘Cheerio’ or other puffed breakfast cereal of a reasonable size.  Place this in the bowl to act as a target, as this will flush away when he is finished.
  • Make sure he directs his penis downwards, particularly first thing in the morning!
  • Remember if your son isn’t tall, his legs may be too short to enable him to aim in a downward direction.  In this case use a step.

Encourage your son to take responsibility from the start so if there are any near misses or little dribbles get him to wipe them up with toilet paper.

  • The only foolproof method is to make him sit on the toilet to urinate.


  • Hints and Tips