Making Sense of Your Sensory Behaviour - Falkirk Council Booklet

This excellent booklet published by Falkirk Council provides lots of useful information and ideas for supporting your child's sensory behaviours.

Making Sense of Your Sensory Behaviour (A Practical Approach at Home for Parents and Carers)

This booklet is for parents and carers to look at their own sensory preferences and sensitivities.

This booklet has been designed to allow you to look at your own sensory world, to let you be more aware of your sensory likes and dislikes. It hopes to help you to see sensory ideas that help you become calm or be more alert, to be your best sensory self.  This will help you understand and help others, especially children, with sensory issues.


  • Senses
  • Hearing, Vision and Taste/Smell
  • Movement, Body Awareness and Internal Sense
  • Sensory Strategy
  • General Support
  • Supporting Actions of Daily Living
  • Activities in the Garden
  • "Me Time" Technology
  • Connecting Moments
  • Me and Senses
  • My Sensory Days