Active/Energetic Play

Children learn about how the body works and moves through energetic play.

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Children learn about how the body works and moves through active and energetic play.  They learn to run, jump, throw & catch and kick.  It can include mastering ball games, playground equipment, going on a scooter, riding a bike etc.

Active and Energetic play develops into sporting, fitness and exercise activities used for leisure and pleasure for young people and adults e.g. football, rugby, tennis, swimming, dance and martial arts etc.

Individual Activities

Individual active and energetic activities can be really helpful for building self esteem.  You only have to compete against yourself! 


Team Sports

Team sports are a great way to stay healthy while developing social skills.



A Local Information System for Scotland (ALISS) helps signpost people to community resources and enables communities to contribute information about the resources they have to offer e.g. places, groups, activities, opportunities, events, services.  Have a look on their website to find a local resource near you.