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Video Vox Pops

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Question 1 - How has the smoking ban changed your experience of living in Glasgow?

Question 2 - Do you think where you live affects your health?

Question 3 - Do you think the removal of unhealthy snacks from public buildings has been a success?

Question 4 - Has the credit crunch affected you and/or your health?

Question 5 - Do you think physical activity can improve your health?

Question 6 - What do you think stops people being physically active?

Question 7 - Are you aware of anything being done in the area to prevent ill health?

Question 8 - How can we provide more help for familes with young children, to give them a better start in life?

Question 9 - What can be done to prevent young people becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs?

Question 10 - What do you think are the main health problems for young people?

Question 11 - Do you believe communities in the West of Scotland have problems with alcohol related diseases?

Question 12 - What can we do about this?