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Information to give to patients and relatives

Information Leaflets

Click on the picture to get an online copy:

Sickle Cell carrier information leaflet:                                      Sickle Cell Carrier.png       

Haemoglobin E carrier information leaflet:                               Haemoglobin E Carrier.png      

Haemoglobin Lepore carrier information leaflet:                       Haemoglobin Lepore Carrier.png

Haemoglobin C carrier information leaflet:                               Haemoglobin C Carrier.png  

Haemoglobin Oarab information leaflet:                                    Haemoglobin OArab Carrier.png

Haemoglobin D carrier information leaflet:                               Haemoglobin D Carrier.PNG  

Delta Beta Thalassaemia information leaflet:                            Delta Beta Thalassaemia Carrier.PNG

Parents of a baby who carries a gene for sickle cell:                  Sickle Cell and Thalassemia.png 

Parents of a baby who carries a gene for unusual haemoglobin:  Sickle Cell and Thalassemia 2.png

Beta Thalassaemia carrier information leaflet:                            Beta Thalassaemia 2.PNG

Sickle cell and thalassaemia screening: information for fathers

Patient associations and information sources

Sickle Cell Society (

UK Thalassaemia Society (

Scottish Paedriatic & Adult Haemoglobinopathy Managed Clinical Network ( offers useful information sources and support groups for parents and patients.

NHS Choice (

Accessible Publishing of Genetic Information (