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Useful links for immunisation information

Compendium of Organisational Outputs This compendium contains a list of organisational outputs in relation to Vaccination of Immunocompromised Individuals and specific diseases including, guidance, tools, education resources, literature reviews and research by specialist organisations and any additional documents that are applicable for use in NHSScotland for example, Department of Health and specialist advisory bodies.

It aims to provide NHSScotland staff with an overview of all materials available relating to immunisation of persons with underlying medical conditions and specific diseases.

NHS Inform has immunisation information on their website for people in Scotland. The website has up to date information on vaccines and immunisation.

The Green Book (immunisation against infectious diseases) online Immunisation against infectious disease, also known as the Green book, has the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures in the UK. (Please note that The Green Book was last published in 2006, and paper copies are now very out of date and should not be used)

Vaccination of individuals with uncertain or incomplete immunisation status (2016) The PHE immunisation algorithm provides advice on immunising individuals with uncertain or incomplete immunisation status. Some individuals may not have been immunised or there is an unreliable history of their immunisation status. Every effort should be made to clarify what immunisations they may have had however, where there is no reliable history of previous immunisation, it should be assumed that individuals are unimmunised and the full UK recommendations should be followed. Reference: Green Book Chapter 11 Algorithm for vaccinating individuals with uncertain or incomplete immunisation status


Vaccine Incident Guidance (2013) NHS, Health Protection Scotland vaccine incident guidance which advises on the actions to take in response to vaccine errors and considerations and general principles for revaccination.

Revised recommendations for the administration of more than one live vaccine (2015) Recommendations for giving more than one live attenuated vaccine in current use in the UK. In 2014 the JCVI agreed that the guidance to administer the vaccines on the same day or at four week intervals should not be generalised to all live vaccines and the guidance updated.

World Health Organisation (WHO): Immunisation schedule by country (2016) The WHO has a summary website of immunisation schedules by region and country. This is a very helpful resource when trying to calculate what the routine vaccine recommendations for specific countries are and may help in devising a catch-up vaccine schedule in the UK. To identify the routine vaccines in a specific country select it from the Drop down list, select all vaccines and press ok 

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises UK health departments on immunisation.  Minutes of the meetings and publications are available on the link above. 

TRAVAX is funded by the Scottish Government Health Department and is provided free to those using the service for NHS purposes in Scotland.  It is a very useful resource for Up-to-date travel health information for health care professionals.  

Fit for travel is a public access website provided by the NHS (Scotland). It provides general travel health advice and disease prevention information for people travelling abroad from the UK

Email [email protected] for Travel Health General Enquiries at Health Protection Scotland or call 0141 300 1100