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Flu vaccine PGDs

Flu Vaccine PGD List with Version Numbers and Expiry Dates at September 2018/19


PGD Quadrivalent Seasonal Influenza Vaccine - (For those aged 6 months - 64 yrs at-risk groups)  - Expires Aug 2019   

PGD Inactivated Trivalent Seasonal Flu Vaccine (For those aged 65 yrs -74 yrs) - Expires Aug 2019

PGD Adjuvanted Trivalent Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (For those aged 75 and over) - Expires  July 2019

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Appendix 2018/19

A flu vaccine eligibility calculator is available to assist clinicians in deciding which flu vaccine to use for adults aged 18 yrs and over (2018/19). For all pregnant women and HCWs the vaccine recommendation is one dose of quadrivalent inactivated vaccine.  

Flow chart to assist clinicians in deciding which flu vaccine to use for secondary schoolchildren and adults 2018/19 


PGD Live Attenuated Intranasal Influenza Vaccine - Expires July 2019 (not for under 2s)

PGD Quadrivalent Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (NB: The Sanofi vaccine is the one recommended for children where the Live Intranasal Vaccine is contraindicated) - Expires Aug 2019

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Appendix 2018/19

Flow Chart to assist clinicians in deciding the flu vaccine to use in children aged from birth - preschool 2018/19  

Flow Chart to assist clinicians in deciding which flu vaccine to use for primary school children age 2018/19


For more information on the Flu Immunisation Programme in NHSGGC 2018/19 please go to the Flu webpage


Last update Sep 2018