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For Staff Herpes Zoster Programme 2018/19

The 2018-19 shingles programme will run from 1st September 2018 until 31st August 2019. All details are contained in the CMO letter (SGHD/CMO(2018) 9).

The programme is aimed primarily at: 

  • People aged 70* years (routine) 
  • People aged 76* years (catch up)

* this is defined by the patient’s age on 1st September 2018 

In line with previous years, those who were eligible for the programme from the start (and who did not previously take up the offer of vaccination) can still be vaccinated. The programme therefore now includes all people aged 70-79* years. Vaccine should not be offered to anyone aged over 80, even if they have previously been eligible, as efficacy of the vaccine declines with age.

Resources to assist GPs in promoting the programme and inviting eligible patients are available from the NHS Health Scotland website. These include a template invitation letter and a screensaver poster.  

A screening tool (Expiry Date Sep 2019) has been developed to support healthcare practitioners in the identification of patients for whom the shingles vaccine is contra-indicated. 

Non-NHS nurses who are administering vaccine to adults with incapacity in care homes should be aware of the Care Inspectorate Recommendations governing consent. 


Updated September 2018