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For Staff - Flu Immunisation Programme 2018/19


Three types of flu vaccine will be used in the adult flu vaccination programme 2018/19. This will benefit patients by ensuring that they have the most suitable vaccine that gives them the best protection against flu.

The vaccines to be used for specific age and at-risk groups are detailed in the CMO letter below;

CMO(2018)07 Letter : Seasonal Influenza (Flu) Vaccination Programme 2018-19

To assist registered practitioners in selecting the appropriate vaccine, a vaccine eligibility calculator has been developed by NES (see below). 

The NES seasonal flu web page has all the information about this year's programme and provides links to various resources including a new poster in which images of the vaccines are presented alongside the recommended age-groups for ease of identification. These posters will be made available soon to all GP practices along with other routine resources provided annually. 

The Flu Vaccine PGDs for adults in the season 2018/19 are listed below as are the flow charts and eligibility calculator for deciding the vaccine to use in each age group.    

PGD Quadrivalent Seasonal Influenza Vaccine - (For those aged 6 months - 64 yrs in at-risk groups) - Expiry Date Aug 2019.  All pregnant women and HCWs should receive one dose of quadrivalent inactivated vaccine

PGD Inactivated Trivalent Seasonal Flu Vaccine (For those aged 65 yrs -74 yrs) - Expiry Date Aug 2019

PGD Adjuvanted Trivalent Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (For those aged 75 and over) - Expiry Date July 2019

Seasonal Influenza Appendix 2018/19

A flu vaccine eligibility calculator is available to assist clinicians in deciding which flu vaccine to use in adults aged 18 yrs and over (2018/19).  

Flow chart to assist clinicians in deciding which flu vaccine to use for secondary schoolchildren and adults 2018/19 


All details of this year's childhood flu vaccination programme are contained in the CMO letter below :

CMO(2018)06 Letter : Scottish Childhood Flu Vaccination Programme 2018-19

The Flu Vaccine PGDs for children in the season 2018/19 are listed below as are the national flow charts for deciding the vaccine to use in specific age groups.  

PGD Live Attenuated Intranasal Influenza Vaccine - Expiry Date Jul 2019 (not for under 2s)

PGD Quadrivalent Seasonal Influenza Vaccine (NB: The Sanofi vaccine is the one recommended for children where the Live Intranasal Vaccine is contraindicated) - Expiry Date Aug 2019

Seasonal Influenza Appendix 2018/19 

Flow Chart to assist clinicians in deciding the flu vaccine to use in children birth - preschool 2018/19  

Flow Chart to assist clinicians in deciding which flu vaccine to use in primary school children 2018/19


Children Groups to be vaccinated by GP

 Children to be offered the childhood flu vaccination by GP practices include:-

  • all pre-school children aged 2 to 5 years, including “at-risk” children in this age group, born between 2 September 2012 and 1 September 2016
  • any primary school child (aged 4 to 11 inclusive) who misses their school vaccination (regardless of whether they are classified as ‘at-risk’ or not). See Scottish Government Summary on DES for flu immunisation in children (para 13) 


Flu vaccine and egg allergy - Green Book Guidance for staff

Egg albumin allergy (no history of anaphylaxis) – use a low ovalbumin vaccine ​(​< 0.06µg/0.5ml)

Confirmed history of anaphylaxis - do not immunise unless in a location where resuscitation staff are available


NHSGGC Healthcare Workers - Staff Vaccination Clinics 

Information about this year's Staff Flu Vaccination Programme is available on the NHSGGC Occupational Health site 

Clinic locations and times for staff vaccination are listed here. To register for a staff vaccination clinic click here


Gelatin and flu vaccines 

Information and guidance for observant religious groups regarding the porcine gelatin content of vaccines is available on the link


Other information resources 

Click to view the NHSGGC 2018 Immunisation Seminar Slides  Q&As from the Seminar are available here 

HPS Vaccine Update Flu September 2018

NSS National Procurement email Newsletter - Seasonal Flu Vaccination Distribution Update  Sep 2018 

Last updated Oct 2018