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Live Active Testimonials

Read about some of our service users experiences of Live Active:

“I feel a lot fitter and stronger and have more confidence.  The social aspect is also great.”   Dorothy Robertson, Dumbarton Meadow SC, Age 77

“I have received great support from my Advisor, Geraldine, and find her very approachable.  I have learnt to eat more healthily and on a regular basis.  I would often skip meals but I now understand that food is fuel that you give your body and is essential to your health and wellbeing..  Also, skipping meals contributed to my weight gain as I would often snack throughout the day.  After my stroke, I was left with weakness on the left side of my body so Geraldine was able to advise me on exercises that I could do to help with this issue.  I have also lost the sight in my right eye so have balance problems    I was given exercises to help with this.  The combination of better eating and exercising has enabled me to lose nearly 4 stone in weight and I fully intend to continue.  I have so much more energy and no longer feel sluggish.  My mood has also improved significantly.”   Heather, Eastwood, Age 29

“Its given me my confidence back, made me feel healthier and given me a better outlook in life. My quality of life has improved- I am much more active, have a healthier diet and have lost nearly 2 stone.”

Angus McKenna, Greenock Sports Centre, Inverclyde, Age 61

Gordon, 56 years old, Eastwood:

Q. How did you hear about the Live Active Referral Scheme?

A. NHS referral from cardiac rehab

Q. What differences has the Live Active Referral Scheme made to you?

A. Through regular consultations with my appointed Live Active consultant I have been given excellent advice on the activities available to me and how to have a regular exercise routine

Q. Would you recommend the Scheme to a friend?

A. Definitely

Q. What would you say to someone who is thinking of attending the Live Active Referral Scheme?

A. Don't hesitate to join the referral scheme if given the chance. The support and encouragement given will help to change your lifestyle