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What is Neurobiomechanics?

Neurobiomechanics is the interaction of biomechanics and neurology.

Walking involves both biomechanical and neurological factors. Biomechanics relates to the movement of the joints and segments of the legs and the forces generated to achieve this. The neurological aspects involve the control of the muscles by the brain and the nervous system to produce forces. In particular the reactivity of muscles to stretch is of importance.

At WestMARC a new speciality – Neurobiomechanics – has been developed to understand more about the interaction of biomechanics and neurology and to explore ways to improve the services offered to patients with neurological conditions affecting their walking ability.

Current activities

Paediatric Neurobiomechanics Clinic

A paediatric neurobiomechanics clinic runs on a weekly basis at WestMARC. This provides neurobiomechanical assessment and treatment planning for children with neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy. This is a collaborative venture between bioengineers at WestMARCediatric community physiotherapists, and consultant orthopaedic surgeons and orthotists from Yorkhill

Children are referred to this clinic by Ms Heather Read, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Yorkhill. The children may come from within the GGCHB area or be referred to Ms Read by clinical colleagues from elsewhere in the West of Scotland

This experience has led to a greater understanding of the difficulties these children face and the way in which treatment programmes can be developed to help them walk better

One particular innovation is the development of a clinical pathway and protocol – "Guidance for the Management of Ambulant Children with Neurological Conditions including Orthopaedic Single Event Multilevel Surgery (SEMLS)" – which is designed to streamline the treatment of children to obtain improved neurobiomechanical outcomes.

Children’s Neurobiomechanics and Gait Lab Referral Form

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