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What is a Chalazion? (Meibomian Cyst)

A Chalazion is a blockage of one or more of the oily glands within the eyelids. There are approximately 30 small glands in the upper and lower lids. A blockage in the duct of these glands results in the gland becoming swollen and inflamed. Occasionally there maybe some infection which causes the swelling to become red and painful.

How is it treated?

Warm compresses and gentle lid massage (finger pressure to the lid rim) might be helpful if not too painful. A course of antibiotic ointment

Occasionally you may be left with a hard lump, this may be present for several months but will eventually resolve. Many patients prefer to have their cyst drained, if this is the case your General Practitioner can refer you to a cyst clinic.

Will it affect my vision?

If large this can distort the lids causing some blurring of vision. Sometimes the discharge can make the vision blurred. This is only temporary.

Will there be any long-term effects?

No, however the cyst may come back or you may develop more cysts.

Is there anything I can do to prevent cysts?

Some people have a predisposing lid problem (Blepharitis) if you have blepharitis the Nurse will advise you on how to clean your lids, to prevent further cysts.

Written by Margaret Gray.

February 2003, review Febuary 2007. MIS 109296This leaflet is for generalised information only.

For personalised information, please speak to a member of clinical staff.

Last Updated: 06 February 2015