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Tier 4 - Forensic

Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services



Level 4, West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital (WGACH)
Dalnair Street,
G3 8SJ 
Telephone number:  0141 201 0808


Information for Young People


What is FCAMHS?

We work with young people who are going through a hard time. You might be getting into trouble with the police and having problems with your mental health.

We have a psychiatrist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, psychotherapists and psychologists on our team.
Who comes to FCAMHS?

We see young people under the age of 18. Some have been charged with a serious offence. Some are involved with the police or youth justice social work. Some are in secure care.

What can I expect if I see FCAMHS?

You might already be coming to CAMHS. If you are, your CAMHS worker will introduce us. We can see you at your local CAMHS team. Sometimes we might see you somewhere else e.g. if you are in secure care. When we meet we will tell you about our service. We will also want to find out more about you. We want to listen to you. Then we decide together if we are the best team for you.

What happens when I come to FCAMHS?

We listen to you and talk about the problems you are having. We work with you to understand why you are getting into trouble.  We speak with people who know you well. We want to understand how to keep you and other people safe. We work with teachers, social workers and secure care staff to help us think about the best way to keeping you safe and out of trouble.

What else might happen?

We will ask you to fill out a form when we first meet. You might also have to fill out a form at the end.  We do this to see if our team is working well. We might ask you what you thought of working with us. We want to know how we can improve.

How can I get help from FCAMHS?

If you are being seen by CAMHS your worker might ask FCAMHS to see you. If you are in secure care then your GP or Social Worker might ask FCAMHS to see you.  If you go to ISMS (Glasgow City Council’s Intensive Support and Monitoring Service),  then your ISMS worker will ask you to meet with FCAMHS.

Information for Professionals

Who are we?

FCAMHS was developed following a review of the needs of young people who are involved in serious offending behaviour across Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GG&C).  We now sit as part of the Tier 4 CAMHS hub, alongside work-streams for complex trauma, and intellectual disability. 

The service is a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of Psychology, Psychiatry and a Social Worker. We also have access to Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Psychotherapy.  Unlike the other work-streams, FCAMHS do not have link-nurses. We have therefore, been working to establish links with Tier 3 teams across GG&C.

FCAMHS also consists of commissioned services who offer direct access to children in Secure Care, or children accessing the Glasgow City Council Intensive Support and Monitoring Service (ISMS)

Who is the service for?

We offer a provision for young people up to age 18 living within the GG&C area who have moderate to severe mental health difficulties, and who present a significant risk of harm to others by means of physical or sexual violence or fire-setting. Typically, these are complex cases requiring intensive MDT working and assertive outreach, that may outstrip Tier 3 resources. 

What do we do?

We can provide specialist assessment of risk, using structured professional judgement approaches, which are evidenced-based and recommended by the Risk Management Authority.

We support those working with young people to understand the development and maintenance of offending behaviour.  This subsequently underpins a holistic ‘Whole Systems’ intervention and care plan to reduce risk.

We can provide assessment and intervention for serious and chronic mental disorder, particularly when this is associated with risk.  We also offer interventions focussing on reducing offending. 

We support colleagues in Tier 3 CAMHS, by providing specialist training in relation to forensic issues.

We routinely evaluate our services, as well as developing clinical research projects.

How to request assistance.

Requests for assistance come from locality CAMHS teams. All requests are addressed to the Tier 4 Hub.  In order to do this, you can contact the FCAMHS duty clinician to discuss.  We will request initial assessment and risk (FACE CARAS) reports. We will discuss within weekly Tier 4 referral meeting and the case will be allocated if accepted.

If you are referring for a child not known to GG&C CAMHS, but who is residing in Secure Care, then a referral form can be requested from the unit and sent to:
[email protected]

All referrals from secure care should be discussed with the child, their consent sought and also sent to the above email address. Both referral and consent forms can be obtained from the secure units.