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Preparing for Hospital


Below are a number of websites, leaflets and links to other resources which can help you prpeare your child for coming to hospital.


Preparing for Hospital- 'What? Why? Children in Hospital'

This charity website gives access to videos and information to help you better support your child when coming into hospital.

The Hospi-Chill App

The Hospi-Chill App was designed by our Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Janie Donan, and is downloadable from the apple apps website.  It gives you options for saving upcoming appointments and lots of hints, tips and relaxation strategies which can be used through your phone, to help prepare you for coming into hospital.


The Hospital Passport (link to short video)

The Hospital Passport is a passport for children which can be brought in with them to each appointment and includes space for preferences around treatment, stickers for achievements, and strategies for better coping.


RHC Specialist Play Service

We work closely with the Play Specialists, based in the Teddy Bear Hospital on the ground floor of the Children's Hospital.  This can be a helpful place for children to meet and work therapeutically with Play Specialists and familiarise themselves with the hospital environment through play with real and toy medical equipment.  We or a child's Consultant can make referrals to the Play Service on your behalf.

Having a Hospital Clinic Appointment (GOSH Information Sheets)

These are 'easy to read' information sheets from Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, for young children and children with learning disabilities, which explain what happens when you come for a hospital appointment.  These include information on coming along for a CT scan, a blood test or an ECG, among others.

Resource for parents of children with ASD

This resource has lots of good information and strategies on how best to prepare your child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder for having a blood test carried out, but could be applied to all young children.