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West of Scotland Adolescent Inpatient Services




NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde provides a wide range of services to support young people with mental health problems


These include:


Inpatient Services

Community Mental Health Teams

Specialist Services for Young People

Eating Disorders



Skye House Inpatient Services


Skye House provides inpatient treatment for young people with conditions like severe depression, eating disorders, psychosis and obsessive-compulsive disorders. 


All bedrooms in Skye House are en-suite. It also has a purpose-built gym, fully equipped classrooms, landscaped gardens and overnight accommodation for visiting families.


Skye House was specially designed to meet the needs of young people to provide the best treatment possible. The planning of the unit also benefitted form the fact that young people themselves contributed significantly to the planning process.


While young people are in Skye House they may go to school, therapy groups, individual sessions (such as Psychology, Occupational Therapy and many more) and family sessions. Young people will also have free time to do things that they want to do. Young people will be encouraged to participate in therapeutic activities as much as possible, however Skye House understands that there may be obstacles which prevent participation.


Ward Areas


Each young person has their own en-suite bedroom, which are important in providing privacy and dignity to the young people. There is also a separate bathroom available for use by young people who prefer taking a bath instead of a shower. Young people are also encouraged to bring some personal items from home that will make them feel more comfortable (blankets and duvet covers are not permitted).


In each wing, there is a TV lounge where the young people can watch TV and chat with other young people and staff. The lounge also provides a place to play board games, computer games, quizzes and art activities.


Each wing has access to a garden area where young people can gave some quiet time or participate in outdoor games (weather permitting!).




There is a therapeutic kitchen in the Therapies Block, where young people can work alongside Occupational Therapists and other staff members. The kitchen provides the ideal environment to learn and improve cooking and other independent living skills, which can help in the transition from adolescent to adulthood.


Learning skills in the kitchen allows young people to make healthy meals and therefore maintain a healthy diet. The kitchen also encourages the development of social and communication skills as it is often used for group activities.


Stobhill School


If the young person is of school age and is enrolled in a school they will attend Stobhill School, which is located within the grounds of Skye House. Depending on where the young person lives and attends school, permission may be required from their local authority before young people can start attending.


The school day begins at 8.45 a.m., then there is a morning break followed by lunch at 12.00 o’clock. The school day finishes at 3 p.m. There are 7 periods in the school day, each lasting 45 minutes.


Stobhill School offers a range of subjects and activities including Maths, English, Art, Science, Social Subjects, PE, Personal Development, Wellbeing Award, ASDAN and Health and Wellbeing. There is Games Hall, Science Room, classrooms and a school garden. Stobhill School is a registered SQA centre and young people also have access to a careers adviser.


The classes in Stobhill School are small, where young people should find it easy to engage with teachers and peers. Young people have given positive feedback on the school and the education provision they receive.



Games Room


There is a games room which provides an opportunity to play computer games and pool among other games.


Music Room


There is a dedicated music room in the Therapies Block which has a huge variety of instruments. These are available for young people to use for solo practice or as part of a group with other young people and staff members.




The gym gives young people the opportunity to participate in regular and sporting activities. This helps to tackle issues such as weight management and motivation, as well as improving general wellbeing and promoting team work. The gym is used as part of education classes and can also be used in the evenings under staff supervision.


Art Room


The art room is in the School Block and is primarily an educational classroom. It can also function as a therapeutic space for art and creative group activities, out with school hours. Here the young people have an opportunity to explore and express feelings and emotions through their work.