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Removal of Eye and contents of Eye Socket- Exenteration

Exenteration means removing the eye with the tumour and the soft tissue around the eye. This treatment is required if the cancer has spread behind or around the eye. Sometimes the eyelids or part of the bone around the eye have to be removed if the tumour has invaded here. If this is the case, we will likely perform the operation at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital with the help of our Oral and Maxilofacial Surgeon colleagues.  Sometimes this treatment is combined with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Our medical oncology team will help us choose the best treatment for you.

Excellent cosmetic results can be achieved after the tumour is removed. This involves further reconstructive surgery and being fitted with an artificial eye. Some patients, however, may prefer just to wear an eye patch or leave things as they are instead of having further surgery. After the cancer is removed we can plan treatment that suits your needs.