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Ultrasound Scan

An Ultrasound scan is often used in pregnancy and uses sound waves to create an image of inside a part of the body. It is very safe and can look at organs in the abdomen, for example the liver, or of the eye. Either a doctor or a sonographer (health professional trained to perform ultrasound scans) will perform the scan. You may be asked to follow certain instructions before your scan- such as drinking a lot of water, fasting for a few hours etc- it is important you try and follow these instructions to get the best images possible. Cold gel is applied to the skin over the area they wish to scan. The ultra-sound probe is gently placed on the skin and moved over the gel. If the eye is being scanned, the ultrasound probe is gently applied to the surface of the eyelid. The ultrasound images are then collected and analysed. Ultrasound scans of the body may take between 15-45minutes to perform. Ultrasound of the eye, however, is much quicker and will sometimes be performed in the eye clinic. Results of the eye USS will be given on the same day. Results of liver ultrasound scans, if carried out your local hospital, will be discussed at your next eye clinic appointment.