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a) What is lymphoma?

In lymphoma, the white cells that usually fight infection are “out of control”, keep dividing, and do not die. These abnormal cells collect and grow in the lymph nodes. They can also develop elsewhere in the body, including behind the eye. There are two different types of lymphoma - hodgkins lymphoma (20% of cases) and non-hodgkins lymphoma (80% of cases). Hodgkins lymphoma is the easiest to treat, however, treatments for both types of lymphoma are very effective and can be cured in most cases.

b) What are the symptoms of orbital lymphoma?

This may cause:

• Proptosis (eye sticking out- picture above)

• Double vision

• Decreased vision

c) Will I need any tests?

A biopsy may be required to confirm the diagnosis. Scanning the eye, orbit, and rest of the body is important to make sure the lymphoma is not affecting anywhere else. This may include:

• CT scan

• MRI scan

• US scan

This helps us decide which treatment is needed.

d) What are the treatments for orbital lymphoma?

Treatments include:

• Radiotherapy

• Surgery

• Chemotherapy

Treatments vary patient to patient, however, discussion with our medical oncologist and pathologist will help us choose the best treatment for you.