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Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Podiatry Wound Referrals, Support & Product Information

NHSGG&C Podiatry Service will accept all referrals for pressure damage to the foot and ankle. This will include patients with or without diabetes, patients with peripheral arterial disease and pressure damage wherever it appears on the foot. Where long term podiatry involvement is not appropriate, patients will be signposted or referred to the most appropriate care provider. 


Frequently asked questions


1.  How do I refer a foot/ankle wound to podiatry via Trakcare?


Podiatry Referral Process via Trak

Select New Request tab


Select Other-Adult tab


Tick the box collecting now


Sub-Category : Podiatry


ITEM: Podiatry Foot Ulcer In -Patient


Complete Questionnaire




2.  How do I refer a foot/ankle wound to podiatry if I don't have access to Trakcare?

Please complete this referral form and send to [email protected]


3.  Datix

If you suspect tissue damage please refer immediately via trakcare (or email if trakcare is not an option).  Podiatry services will provide assessment, treatment and pressure relief advice.  A Red Day Review Datix will be completed by Podiatry alongside a member of your team where damage is hospital acquired. 


4.  What training and support is available?

If you would like to know more about:

  • Check, Protect, Refer
  • Pressure Ulcer Management and Prevention

Please see the Wards: Tools & Education link below or contact our practice development staff who are able to support you and your wards with educational sessions and pressure damage information.

* Sessions can be delivered via MS Teams to reduce ward footfall where necessary.

South & Clyde:  Julie Braidwood, [email protected]  

South & East:  Violet Butters, [email protected]

South & West:  Nicola Greenwood, [email protected]


5. What products should I use on the foot and ankle?

For information on pressure redistribution products that may benefit your patients.  Please see the link for Tools and Education below for further training support.


6.  How do I order foot protection products?

Pecos Codes for Prolevo Footsafe Boots



Shoe size UK

Shoe size EU

Footsafe Prevention Boot-Pre-inflated  (child)




Footsafe Prevention Boot-Pre-inflated (Youth)




Footsafe Prevention Boot-Pre-inflated (small adult)




Footsafe Prevention Boot-Pre-inflated (large adult)




Footsafe Prevention Boot-Pre-inflated (extra large adult)




When using the shoe size guide, you may wish to consider the patient’s build as you may need to size down or up for best fit.

*Please note the youth boot may be suitable for frail/elderly adults*

The Prolevo Footsafe boot is advised by the national procurement panel for use 'as suitable for heel pressure prevention in 'at risk' patients. For product information and support please contact:

Email: [email protected] Tel: 07506 712839

Care homes have a responsibility to ensure that they provide a form of pressure redistribution. TalarMade will be happy to help support all health care professionals in the implementation of CPR for Feet in partnership with the Podiatry Service.


Last Updated: 25 June 2021