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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

What is CPR?

CPR is an emergency treatment that tries to restart your heart and breathing when they have stopped. CPR may include:

  • repeatedly pushing down firmly on your chest
  • using a mask over your nose and mouth or a tube placed in your throat to help you breathe, and
  • using electric shocks to try to restart your heart

Who will decide about CPR?

You and your healthcare team can discuss in advance if you would benefit from CPR. Your healthcare team will look at:

  • your state of health
  • your wishes
  • whether CPR is likely to restart your heart and breathing
  • how long
  • whether CPR will help you live longer in a way you can enjoy

If your healthcare team think CPR may work for you, they will want to know what you think. Your wishes are important in this decision. If your healthcare team are sure CPR will not work, they can decide in advance that it should not be tried. They will write this on a form called ‘Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation’ (a DNACPR form). The form will be kept with your health records. A form will also be
completed if a patient does not want CPR to be carried out.

Is CPR likely to resuscitate me?

The chance of CPR resuscitating you will depend on:

  • why your heart and breathing have stopped
  • what illnesses or medical problems you have, or have had in the past
  • your general health

Unfortunately, CPR often does not work. Your healthcare team can tell you more about this.

What if I don’t want to talk about CPR?

You don’t have to talk about CPR if you don’t want to

  • If you feel you are not ready to talk about it just yet, you can put off
    this discussion
  • You may wish to talk to your family, close friends or carers. They may be able to help you make a decision you are happy with

Although this may be difficult, you should discuss CPR with your healthcare team as soon as you feel able to do it. This is to make sure your healthcare team know your wishes. It is also helpful for your family if this discussion has taken place

Please click link below for further information about CPR/DNACPR

Decisions about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Information for patients, relatives and carers