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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Who to Contact

Glasgow Royal Infirmary/ Stobhill ACH


* Note these numbers and contact information are for Glasgow Royal Infirmary (Stobhill) patients only *


Patient Focused Booking Lines: 0141 211 4608/5146  (for appointment queries)


If you know the name of your consultant and have been listed for surgery, please contact the relevant secretary detailed below. 



Monday to Thursday  8am – 5pm

Friday                      8am – 4pm 

In an emergency, use this link to find your local Glasgow Emergency Department or Minor Injuries Unit.

Note that all the contact numbers below are for the Orthopaedic Department only


Outpatient Contacts

 (PFB LINES) Patient Focused Booking 1  0141 211 4608 and 0141 211 5146 
 Return Appointments  0141 211 4608 and 0141 211 5146 
 Medical Advice (current patients only) 2  0141 211 5034
 Outpatient Waiting List Coordinator / Admin Supervisor  0141 211 4499
 MSK Oncology / Admin Supervisor  0141 211 5754
 Orthopaedic Outpatient Email [email protected]

​ *

1 Information on patient focused booking.

2 This line is manned by nursing staff who may be limited in the advice they are able to offer.



Inpatient Contacts

 Mr C Senthil Kumar FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Foot and Ankle   Debbie Clearie  0141 211 5402 
 Miss Jane Madeley FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Foot and Ankle 
 Mr Andrew Brooksbank FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Shoulder   Kirstie Stirling  0141 211 5500
 Mr Cameron Elias-Jones   Shoulder 
 Mr Mansur Halai FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Foot and Ankle  Briony McCulloch 0141 211 4427
 Mr Paul Jenkins MD FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Shoulder, Elbow   and Hand   Alison McDermott 0141 211 5186
 Mr Grzegorz Sianos   Hand & Wrist   Morag McCall 0141 211 4447
 Mr Matthew Torkington FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Hand & Wrist 
 Mr Angus Maclean FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Knee & Trauma   Reconstruction   Tracey Wilson  0141 232 0911
 Mr Colin Drury FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Knee & Trauma   Reconstruction 
 Mr Mark Blyth FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Knee & Trauma   Grace Collins  0141 211 4107
 Mr Bryn Jones FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Knee & Trauma   Denise Fisher  0141 211 4606
 Mr Andrew Shaw FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Knees
 Mr Kevin Bryceland   Hips   Linda West  0141 211 4420
 Mr Andrew Stark FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Hips 
 Mr Ashish Mahendra FRCS   Musculoskeletal   Oncology   Margaret Ann Gourlay 0141 211 4744
 Mr Sanjay Gupta FRCS [Tr & Orth]  Musculoskeletal   Oncology 


Other Inpatient Contacts

(Glasgow Royal Infirmary)

Ward 61  0141 211 4327
Ward 62  0141 211 4251
Ward 26/*27 Temporarily Ward 19  0141 211 0418
Same Day Admission Unit (Reception)  0141 211 4650


(Stobhill Ambulatory Care Hospital)

Day Surgery Unit (Reception)  0141 355 1329




What is Patient Focused Booking (PFB)?


Very simply, PFB puts patients at the heart of the booking process by engaging them in dialogue about their appointment. Previously, patients would be sent an appointment letter, with the date and time of their appointment, no matter how far ahead in time that may have been. When the appointment day came, patients may have no longer required the consultation, may have forgotten to turn up or booked clinics may have been cancelled.

With PFB, patients are sent an invitation letter, inviting them to telephone or email the hospital to arrange a suitable date and time for an appointment within current guarantee time guidelines. The process is complemented by a policy that prevents a clinic being cancelled with less than six weeks' notice. Therefore, when the patient phones or emails, the appointment options are limited to only those clinics scheduled in the next few weeks (non-routine patients are clinically prioritised to by-pass this process and will always be seen first).

The call operator offers a choice of dates and times and the patient chooses the most convenient to them. After a period of 7 days, if the patient fails to phone a reminder letter will be sent, after checking contact details, if the patient fails to respond to the reminder letter after a period of 7 days a further letter is sent to the patient and their GP, explaining that they have been removed from the waiting list. 

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