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What about planning for my discharge from the MBU?

After your admission we will start to plan with you arrangements for your discharge home. This helps to avoid any unnecessary delays to your discharge. We will liaise regularly with the relevant health and social care teams to plan any ongoing care and treatment that you may require after discharge.

Preparation for your discharge will be made according to your individual need. To help you adjust to being home again, you may have periods of leave from the unit. This usually begins with a few hours out and can be increased to one or more days and nights out at a time.

When you eventually return home, we will arrange for you to be seen by a psychiatrist or community psychiatric nurse (CPN) and, where appropriate, a social worker. If you live in the Glasgow area, this is likely to be a member of staff from the Perinatal Mental Health Service Community Team. We will also contact your GP and health visitor, and any other services involved in your care to let them know about the plans for your ongoing care and treatment. For those living out with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde we will work closely with your local services to ensure you have safe and effective follow-up.

If you are prescribed medication you will receive a seven day supply before you leave the unit. You should make an appointment with your GP as soon as possible after discharge to obtain further prescriptions for your medication.