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Money Matters

A stroke or any life changing illness can sometimes lead to money worries; being off work or unable to work, travel costs to your doctor's surgery or to a hospital appointment, as well as prescriptions costs, all add up.  Money worries can affect your health so it is important to know what help and advice you can get. 

First things first – are you getting all the welfare benefits you are due?

A change in your health can in some circumstances mean that you are entitled to extra benefits, for instance disability living allowance.  If the money you receive is not enough to live on you may be able to get income support, family credit, housing benefit, council tax benefits or help with travel fares to the hospital.  You can get free, confidential advice on benefits and help with any debt problem from your local citizens advice bureau, money advice project or social work office.  Advice is also available from the Disablement Income Group or you can phone the Benefit Agency's enquiry line which offers free confidential advice and help with claims.

For general information from the DSS, ask for leaflet FB28 or you can phone the Benefit Agency enquiry line (0800 992 200).

If you would like more information on money advice, making use of credit, local advice centres or credit unions ask your doctor or practice nurse for a copy of the “reduce your Cost” leaflet produced by Glasgow City Council.

National Help Sources

Local Help Sources

Direct Payments

  •  All Social Workers, following a client care needs assessment, should offer the option of taking up Direct Payments. Clients can use this to choose who they wish to provide their care and when.
  • Many Direct Payment service-users choose a Personal Assistant (PA) as a solution to their care needs, empowering them to take control
  • Scottish Personal Assistant Employers Network (SPAEN) provide advice and support and indemnity for people with disabilities who employ Personal Assistants through Direct Payments on 01698 250280

Useful Contacts

British Insurance Brokers Association

BIBA House
14 Bevis Marks
Tel: 020 7623 9043

Child Benefit Centre (Washington)

P.O. Box 1
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE88 1AA
Tel: 0845 302 1444
Text: 0191 225 1833

Money Advice Scotland

Tel: 0141 572 0237