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Following a stroke most people will be able to drive again.  If you want to return to driving after a stroke or TIA (mini-stroke) you must wait for at least 1 month and notify the DVLA and your insurance company.  You should also consult your doctor before you start driving again. 

If you have had frequent TIAs (mini-strokes) you will be advised not to drive until you have had a three-month period free from attacks.  If your doctor agrees that it is safe for you to drive after that time you may do so but you should notify the DVLA. 

If you have a disability as a result of a stroke after that three month period, you may need a formal assessment before returning to driving.  Your ability to move, see, remember or concentrate may be affected making it difficult or unsafe to drive, at least temporarily.  You should inform DVLA and your insurance company before you start to drive again. 

Some people are able to drive but need to adapt in order to meet their needs.  The occupational therapist and doctor will provide advice on the possibilities for you. 

There are also a number of mobility centres around the country that can offer information, advice and help on driving with a disability.  For example, if you have lost confidence in driving after a stroke, it may be helpful for you to have a driving assessment. 

Stroke Implications for your Driving  (Slide Show)


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