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Take a Break

Helpful Organisations


Caring for someone who has had a stroke can be very demanding.  This will depend on whether the person you are caring for is able to deal with things themselves or whether they need a lot of help.  There are many emotional and practical issues to consider.

You are not AloneDoctor, nurses, social workers, friends and voluntary groups can all help.  Ask for practical advice and support whenever you need it.  It is important to have support for yourself as well as for the person you are looking after.  Talking to other carers can be very helpful. 

Look after your own health.  It is easy to neglect your own health when you are looking after someone else.  Get regular check ups and talk to your doctor or practice nurse if you notice the first signs of anything going wrong.

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Take a break

It is important to get regular breaks from caring, both for your own well-being and the person you are looking after.  It is important that you have time on your own to go to the shop, see friends and carry on with some of your usual leisure time activities, which all helps to avoid the build up of stress.  If the person you are looking after cannot be left alone, your local carer’s group, doctor, practice nurse, health visitor or social worker may be able to help organise respite care.  Check out local day centres.  A regular break from caring does everyone the world of good. 

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Helpful Organisations

There are a number of organisations you may find helpful:

Carers National Association

3rd Floor
91 Mitchell Street
G1 3LN
Tel: 0141 221 9141
Fax: 0141 221 9140
Carers Line: 0345 573 369

Crossroad (Scotland) Caring for Carers

24 George Square
G2 1EG
Tel: 0141 226 3793
Fax: 0141 221 7130


Princess Royal Trust for Carers

West Glasgow             0141 959 9871
East Glasgow              0141 764 0550
South East Glasgow     0141 423 0728
South West Glasgow    0141 882 4712

National Website:

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