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Possible Effects of Stroke

The brain controls many things that we do. Damage to the brain can affect the way a person moves, feels, sees, behaves, talks, thinks and understands. This section provides information on some of the possible effects that may be caused from having a stroke.

You may think that all of the possible 'effects' contained within this section may happen after a stroke,  but remember that no one person has all of these problems and lots of people don't have any of them.

No two strokes are the same and even if two people have had the same type of stroke, they will be affected in different ways. 

For some people who have had a stroke, the effects may not last long.  For others the effects may last longer and some effects may be permanent changes. 

People who have had a stroke will get lots of help to make sure the effects last as short a time as possible and that any lasting effects are reduced.

If you have had a stroke the effects will depend on:

  • where the stroke has caused damage to your brain 
  • how serious the damage is to your brain
  • your health, age and personailty before you had the stroke

Each person has a different experience when they have a stroke.  No two people are the same. Sometimes people recover from a stroke very well and it can be hard to tell that they have had a stroke.  Other people can have more serious problems after a stroke.

Every stroke is different and it can change your life.  The trick is to concentrate on the things you CAN do and not on anything you CAN'T do anymore -  and enjoy your life as much as possible. 

Family and friends will also give valuable support and encouragement.  If you feel unsure about going out and enjoying yourself as you did before you had your stroke, there are local stroke clubs offering mutual support, fun and social activities. There is more information in the Support Groups section.

If you don't have any remaining effects from stroke or very few, the important thing is to  make sure that you don't have another stroke or TIA by taking the medicines prescribed to you by your doctor and by making lifestyle changes.   

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