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About the clinic

The Endometriosis Clinic for the West of Scotland is an Accredited Specialist Centre. It is based in Glasgow with sites at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the New Victoria ACH.

We provide dedicated care for our patients with the support from a multi professional dedicated team of specialist consultants, nurses, pain management team, urology, bowel surgeons and clerical staff together to ensure the patient centred care.

The consultants are experts in woman’s health and the management of endometriosis, including the most complex surgical techniques. The management of your care will be in discussion with you and how this supports you and your symptoms.

The consultants operate weekly outpatient’s clinic appointments and surgical intervention.

The Endometriosis Nurse Specialist operates outpatient’s clinic and telephone consultation clinics, and will provide you with ongoing support.


How to access the service

The service is accessed via a referral system from either your Gynaecologist or GP and concentrates on patients with confirmed advanced endometriosis.



Please bring any menstrual/pain diary with you to allow this to be discussed at your consultation. This assessment is important to tailor your proposed care to your specific needs. In view of this the questions will involve your menstrual, bowel and bladder activities together with any potential future fertility plans.

It can be useful to write down any questions you have about your condition and future management before your appointment and bring it with you so you don't forget to ask during the appointment. 

The Consultant will go through your history with you. You will then be examined (this includes vaginal examination) and may also do transvaginal ultrasound scan. If you are on your menstrual period that shouldn't be a problem and you can still have examination and ultrasound unless you prefer not to be examined. 

The next step is a discussion of available options with you. We will formulate a treatment plan that could involve medical or surgical management. If surgical option is appropriate the waiting time for this will be depended on whether you will require input from other surgical specialities i.e. bowel surgeons, urology surgeons.

Patient information leaflet

Endometriosis fact sheet

Endometriosis Surgery

Pelvic Pain Questionnaire

Endometriosis pain diary

HRT Benefit risks

Induced menopause for endometriosis fact sheet (HRT)

NHSGGC : Assisted Conception Service


Meet the team

Specialist Gynaecology Consultants-

Dr Robert Hawthorn

Dr Karina Datsun

Clinical Nurse specialist

Rosie McCluskey

Email- [email protected]


Secretary to Dr Hawthorn, Dr Datsun and Specialist Nurse McCluskey

Carole Carruth

[email protected]

Phone Number 0141 201 2264


Further information



British Association for Nutritional Therapy (BANT)

British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy

You can use the website to search for accredited endometriosis treatment centres in the UK.

Endometriosis UK

[email protected]

Information for Teenagers

Endometriosis Treatment Information Pack


Infertilty Network UK

Provides support and information to those who are struggle with infertility. The website provides details on how to apply for NHS funding for fertility treatment.


Hysterectomy Association

Provides provide impartial, timely and appropriate information to women who are facing a hysterectomy.

Hysterectomy information leaflet

Miscarriage Association

Nutritionist Resource  (British Menopause Society)

Laparoscopy information leaflet

Pain Toolkit

The Pain Toolkit helps people manage persistent pain.

Pelvic stretches


Emotional support, 24 hours a day, by telephone, email, letter, or face to face.

The British Pain Society

The patient section of the website contains a list of UK-based pain clinics, a frequently asked questions section and a suggested reading section.

West of Scotland Chronic Pain Education Group

Last Updated: 27 May 2021