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Patient Stories

At Glasgow & Clyde Specialist Weight Management Service (GCSWMS) patients are regularly asked for feedback about the service we provide. 

Patients are encouraged to tell us what is done well and where improvements could be made. This feedback is used to inform the ongoing process of evaluation and improvement of GCSWMS.

Some patients have also discussed their progress at GCSWMS in The Herald.

The following are some typical examples of the patient experience:
A Glasgow and Clyde Specialist weight Management Service patient illustrates how much weight she has lost using large bags of rice!
Patient Stories

“Mrs F started attending the programme at the start of 2014. She is still attending the programme now (in the final Phase 3 stage) and as of June 2015 she had lost a fantastic 40.4kg ( 6 stones 5 pounds ). Her BMI has reduced from 45 to 29.7!

Mrs F says: “So far I have renewed energy at age 65. My knees don’t hurt anymore and with my trusty pedometer I can tackle the Glasgow hills cheerfully – apart from the rain! I have found the food diary and portion sizes crucial, as well as the mindful eating seated at a table. The service and group has been supportive and encouraging, as well as the materials, talks and the exercise class.”

This GCWMS patient recently completed a 5k and said:

“Very proud of myself and I feel great this morning. Thanks to you and the GWMS for your help support and encouragement.If you had told me last year I would do this, I would have thought you were bonkers!”


Some other feedback from GCWMS clients:


“After 22 years of dieting, I thought I knew it all but I have learned so much through the programme”


 “The GCWMS has been a fantastic boon. It has enabled me to analyze my eating patterns and see the links for the first time between food and mood…it has enabled me to see patterns of behaviour I was unaware of and adjust accordingly”  Anon


Mr F said “Everyone is very helpful and friendly. Always there for a confidence boost”


Mrs M said “Initially I thought there was nothing I didn’t know about dieting. Soon I realised that I knew nothing about healthy eating.”


Mrs L said “I have lost several inches from my waist, I am breathing better and walking more”


 “It was such a relief to be treated like a person in class and not just a fat person who isn’t trying! The encouragement and advice given was not condescending, which is the usual manner [in ref to commercial club]”  Anon

Mr F said “It has been a great service. If I hadn’t been attending I would have been heavier by now. I have found it hard but it has been a great help. Coming here has increased my confidence in lots of ways – I feel like a different person.”


 “Enjoyed all sessions very much as I learned a lot from them”  Anon

  Mrs O said “I need a new wardrobe!”  

“I have really enjoyed the whole time spent here and the information I have been given. I am actually exercising more which has been a great boost for me.” Anon


 “I did more exercise, looked more at my diet, got more confident. The discussions are my lifeline”

“this course has given me the incentive and discipline needed to get started on a lifestyle change”  Anon


Mrs F said “I have been carrying on with my healthy eating plan and have reviewed my next steps. I am continuing with my daily early morning 5 km walks (which now include some running even!) and healthy eating. I have bought some scales and seem to be continuing to lose weight – around a pound a week on average, although it goes up and down over the week.

The group has been a huge help to me and I feel bale to continue on my own, using the advice and tips you have given me. I think something has clicked in my head and now I am able to keep on track to a healthier – and lighter – lifestyle.

I am now 21kg lighter than when I started getting healthier, exactly a year ago and my energy and fitness levels have shot up.

I am a different person! Thank you for all your help and guidance. This Glasgow & Clyde Weight Management Service is phenomenal and I hope many more people benefit like I have done."