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Psychology Education Talks



Psychology Education Talks

Specialist Weight Management Service (SWMS)


Welcome to Specialist Weight Management Service's Health Mind Health Weight Psychology Talks. These are designed to help you learn skills and techniques that with practice can help you to cope with common psychological problems that can affect your weight management. If you are worried about your psychological well being or mental health, we advise that you speak to a health professional, such as your group clinician or GP.


Live Education Sessions:

For clients attending the SWMS lifestyle programme, we offer live Psychology

Education Talks covering 4 topics, over 7 sessions:



During the talk you will not be asked to speak at all.

Where talks are in two parts to a topic, attendance at both parts is highly recommended.

You do not need to attend all topics, if you feel only certain sessions are relevant to you.

If you would like to attend, please phone 0141 232 1750 or speak to reception



The YouTube Videos:


The Psychology Education Session YouTube video links have been created and designed as an alternative to our live education sessions for those who are unable to attend or wish a refresher on certain topics.




If you are planning on using the YouTube links, you can download copies of the slides and relevant handouts which we make reference to during the online videos. Or you can request printed paper copies from your group clinician.




The copies of the slides and the handouts are for you to keep. 




Using the YouTube links:


  • When watching the talks, you are obviously free to rewind or fast forward sections at your own convenience.
  • You may find that there is a lot of information to take in at once, so you might want to watch the talk at your own pace, noting the point you reached each time you stop the video link.
  • The slides and handouts can be useful to take notes on whilst watching the talk.
  • It can be useful to highlight sections on the slides that feel particularly relevant to you, which you can then come back to and work on in your own time.
  • It is important to remember that not everything on the talks might feel applicable to you, but hopefully you will learn something that can be useful to consider in managing whatever difficulty you are trying to challenge.






If you have questions about any of the content of the talks, you can discuss this with one of the psychology team via telephone on 0141 232 1750.




Thank you from the SWMS Psychology Team!




YouTube Links:




Psychology Education Videos Homepage:




Individual topic links:




Increasing Motivation for Weight Loss

Motivation 2016 Slides

Motivation Handouts




Overcoming your Inner Critic Part 1

Inner Critic part 1 Slides




Overcoming your Inner Critic Part 2

Inner Critic part 2 Slides

Inner Critic Handouts




Stress Rescue SOS Part 1

Stress Part 1 Slides

Stress Handouts




Stress Rescue SOS Part 2

Stress Part 2 Slides



Taking Control of Overeating Part 1

Taking control of overeating Part 1 Slides

Taking Control Handout




Taking Control of Overeating Part 2

Taking control of overeating Part 2 Slides