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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

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Are you ready to change?

Costs & Benefits

Most people who want to change their lifestyle to lose weight are motivated for many different reasons. However, there will be costs as well as benefits to making changes.

Successful change requires long-term commitment to lifestyle changes and ‘motivation’ has to hold up over time.

Take some time to carefully consider the costs and benefits of beginning a program of weight change now. It is better to begin the program when you ready to commit to the changes that are needed to make this a success.

The list of ‘benefits’ are personal reasons for committing to a weight management programme. Remembering these reasons will help to increase motivation and keep it strong over time.

Reasons to Change

Commitment and ‘emotional energy’ for weight loss can be increased. This will give individuals the strength to keep going when things get tough.

To do this they need to be clear about what really matters to them in life, those things they cherish and value and feel passionate about.

They should think about the different areas of their life and consider how their weight affects the things in each area that they value.

If they have found good reasons for losing weight they are more likely to make a genuine effort to change their lifestyle and keep going.