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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information and guidance for public, NHSGGC staff, and community-based services.  Hospital visiting restrictions now in place.

Our Programme

Once we have received a referral we will direct the patient to the most appropriate arm of SWMS. Both services are free to people living in the Greater Glasgow & Clyde area who are overweight and have a relevant health condition. 

Community Weight Management Service (in partnership with Weight  Watchers)

  • Patients will be given twelve weeks full free membership to Weight Watchers
  • Patients will follow a programme combining healthy eating, physical activity and behaviour change techniques
  • Patients who successfully attend and lose 5% of their body weight will be considered for a further twelve week block.


Specialist Weight Management Service (SWMS)        

Assessment: all patients will undergo an initial assessment.

Treatment: SWMS is a structured education programme.

Programme Overview: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3

Initial assessment

Patients referred to the Specialist Weight Management Service (SWMS) will undergo an initial assessment.
Patients will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to the assessment.

The assessment will include questions about:

  • Diet and weight history
  • Health conditions
  • Activity levels
  • Mood and well being
  • Motivation

The initial assessment allows patients to be directed towards the best treatment plan for them. This may include further assessment with a Clinical Psychologist  and/or a Physiotherapist.

Assessments are conducted in various venues across Greater Glasgow & Clyde that are appropriate to patient needs.

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SWMS is a structured lifestyle education programme.
Patients are seen in small groups and weighed individually by a clinician at each session.  Some patients may be offered a 1:1 approach following assessment based on clinical need.

Groups are held at:

Our programme offers expert advice on diet, nutrition and physical activity, underpinned by psychological approaches to support patients with their long term lifestyle change.

The standard SWMS programme aims to support weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. Psychological strategies and physical activity guidance is provided alongside individual dietary advice from a specialist multi-disciplinary team.  Lifestyle advice is tailored to patients taking into consideration severe and complex health conditions that may impact upon their ability to make the necessary changes.

Bariatric surgery may be a treatment option for patients who meet criteria, please see guidance below. Patients referred who have previously had bariatric surgery will undergo an initial assessment and an appropriate treatment plan agreed.

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Programme Overview

Phase 1         Lifestyle Intervention

                     (fortnightly sessions) 


                      Personalised Dietary Prescription

                      600 calorie deficit diet

                      Understanding portion control



                       Reduce sedentary behaviour

                       Increase lifestyle activity

                       Increase structured physical activity

                       Chair based and moderate intensity                              activity classes led by physiotherapists                          (optional)



                       Behaviour change strategies

                       CBT principles

                       Motivational techniques to empower                              patients


Phase 2         Further Weight Loss

                     (monthly sessions)

                      Low Calorie Diet


                      Revised Personal Dietary                                           Prescription



Phase 3         Weight Maintenance

                     (monthly sessions)

                      Strategies to support weight                                           maintenance

                      Physical Activity support in the local



Bariatric Surgery