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Activity classes

Activity taster sessions

Activity taster sessions have included Egyptian dance, Zumba, Badminton, Tai Chi and line dancing. A wide variety of activities to tempt participants into new lifestyle activity choices.

Each activity session will have advice on suitability for participants with existing medical conditions.

Following each session, information will be provided for local contacts and class times etc to make getting started even easier.

Get Started Classes

For many people returning to exercise can be worrying.

The Get Started Class aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for patients to exercise in.

Get Started Classes are led by GCSWMS physiotherapists, last one hour and include a warm up, 20 minute cardiovascular circuit session and a cool down.

Patients can attend for 12 classes.

For those with health conditions or painful joints the physiotherapists can modify the exercises to suit the individual.

The physiotherapists encourage all patients to work at their own pace, ideally at a moderate intensity. This means that no participant should feel uncomfortable or too out of breath.

The aim of the class is to give participants the knowledge and the confidence to exercise outwith GCSWMS and to sustain this increase in activity levels long term.

Activity Class Times

Chair based classes

Chair based classes are specialist activity classes led by a physiotherapist and are mainly chair based with some additional exercises in standing for those that are able.