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Activity at GCSWMS

All patients attending the GCSWMS group programme have access to physical activity interventions to help them lose weight.

At GCSWMS we are aware that patients have variable levels of physical activity and fitness. The activity advice is tailored to support patients with very low activity levels to those already physically active.

GCSWMS run intermittent activity taster sessions designed to allow participants to try a new activity in a familiar setting.

Get started classes are weekly activity classes led by the GCSWMS physiotherapists, designed to increase fitness in a safe and supported environment. These classes will provide confidence to access community based activity programs.

Physiotherapy assessments are 1:1 assessments for those who have difficulty becoming more physically active or who would like to increase their fitness.

Chair based classes: This is a new GCSWMS resource for those individuals who would not be able to exercise in a mainstream class due to their level of obesity, or associated health or mobility problem.

Home Activity Plan: The physiotherapists will provide individualized home activity exercises for those who cannot access Get Started Classes or community based activity.