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Healthy Snack Guidance

Suggestions for Healthy Snack Toddler Guidance

  • It is very important for infants to have plenty of fluids. The only advisable safe drinks for teeth are plain milk plain water.
Suggested Foods

All fruit / vegetables are acceptable they make a great addition to any meal cut, chop, dice or cubed soft and ripe fruit into small pieces or as a whole, with the exception of dried fruit.   

Some veggies with require to be steamed until they are soft and cut up into small pieces All breads i.e. toast sandwiches, tortilla wraps and bagels with a variety of savoury fillings, with the exception of sweet fillings. Snacks such as pancakes, plain scones and crumpets with low fat spread can be given as an occasional snack but no sweet fillings.

 Homemade unsweetened popcorn.

 Plain breadsticks, rice cakes or crackers with a savoury or low fat topping or dip, avoiding sweet or sugary dips.

Plain yoghurts with added chopped up fruit.

Healthy Special Occasion Ideas

Some suggested methods of celebrating birthdays/other special occasions in a healthy way

Provide/ask parents to bring along a small sponge cake and provide healthy foods in addition this.

Grated apple: Apples are usually left out of toddlers’ diet because of their hard texture. But by peeling the skin and grating apples, you get a nice finger food that, thanks to its soluble fiber content, helps boost kids’ immune systems.

Grated cheese: Add grated natural cheese to veggies and fruit to round out a snack. Cheese is a good source of protein and calcium and it contains fat which is especially needed the first 2 years of life.

 More additional helpful information can be obtained from the childsmile website as follows :

 " Snack Ideas for Children"