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Parent & Toddler Groups

Within the North East, there currently are 45 Parent & Toddler groups, where parents/carers can meet with their babies or toddlers in a local venue. They are held in very friendly, informal place were parents/carers can meet, chat, have a cup of tea or coffee and watch their children play. Over the last year the OHAT have been engaging with parents attending these groups, as it was apparent that they received no input from any other organisation or department. As these groups are non-regulated, a different approach was required, so we took an informal approach by visiting the group and chatting about any issues they may have about their child’s oral health, identifying if they have registered with a dentist and signposting them to one if they haven’t. We have also introduced a Directory that is full of information on services in and around this area that they may be interested in and that they can uptake at their leisure. We also recently organised a cookery class for the parents and were able to provide a crèche, which allowed the parents to attend each week without having to find a babysitter. This has been very well received and there is scope to run more of these courses in the future. We will be continuing to develop our work with these groups and hopefully look at healthy snacks being served in all, parent workshops and highlighting the importance of good oral health. If you wish further details of these local groups, please contact the OHAT office on 0141 781 2116.