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The North East Oral Health Action Team deal with Local Authority and Private Partnerships within our remit.

Our Aim To encourage nurseries to adopt a positive Oral Health Promoting Behaviour.
Enable nurseries to adopt a holistic whole day approach to nutrition and oral health in line with strategic guidelines that can easily be achieved.

Why promote Oral Health in Nurseries?
It is recognized that Nurseries play an important role in the development and education of the very young child, during the formative years. The nursery is the ideal setting within the community to promote and encourage positive health behaviour.
How does the OHAT team help? Facilitate the provision of affordable fresh fruit and vegetables for children and families. Promotion of early dental attendance by the time of the eruption of the first tooth. Facilitate the development of written healthy eating policies. Provide and facilitate tooth friendly cooking time. Encourage through food tasting sessions, dentally safer foods. Promote practical suggestions to reduce the frequency with which sugary foods, offered for rewards and celebrations, encourage the use of healthier alternatives. Support regular tooth brushing programmes, for all full time children within nurseries. Provide Toothbrushing Resources. Link with dedicated Health Visitor. Provide Oral/ Nutrition Health Resource Boxes on Loan. Promote Health Events. Provide Oral Health Training sessions for staff and parent helpers

There are SIX elements to the programme which consist of :

Staff Training
Toothbrushing Programme Healthy Snacks PolicyCommunity Engagement Dental Information Station Health promotion Activities Donna, Louise and Jennifer are carrying out 7 visits per year to each nursery in Glasgow North East Sector. The aim, as well as monitoring toothbrushing programmes, is to target parents and children. Workshops are offered to parents focus on toothbrushing or diet. They last for one hour and give parents great advice to take away and hopefully implement in their day to day routines. Parents are also given newsletters to keep them well informed. Workshops with children are a creation of artwork for the nursery to display. The children will be discussing oral health & healthy eating as they create their artwork A letter has been sent to all Nurseries for their preferred choice of activity and when they would like this to take place – this will ensure a more streamlined programme and help the Nursery plan / participate when they require this intervention
Three Community Nursery Nurses are appointed in the OHAT to support nurseries in achieving core elements of NHSGG&C Smile Too Health promoting nursery framework and monitor toothbrushing standards in line with National Toothbrushing guidelines.