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Refer to Us

You can refer to our service by

 Please check the inclusion/exclusion criteria before referring. If you have any questions about referring, please contact us.

Below is the inclusion and exclusion criteria for our service. The information is also in a document in the list in the side menu.


 We can provide support to people with COPD

  • During exacerbations
  • On discharge from hospital
  • To help improve their ability to manage their condition

Inclusion Criteria

Note:  all must be met for input to be agreed

  • Patient resides within the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership area (i.e. council tax paid to Glasgow)
  • Has a diagnosis of COPD and this is their primary health concern and reason for referral
  • COPD significantly impacts their quality of life and limits their function
  • Requires a specialist respiratory service
  • Requires support in the home setting, i.e. not suitable for outpatient/ pulmonary rehabilitation Note:  majority of CRT patients score 4 (i.e. stops for breath after 100m or few minutes on level ground) or 5 (i.e. too breathless to leave the house or breathless when dressing or undressing) on the MRC Breathlessness Scale.  
  • Over 16
  • Patient is agreeable to input


Exclusion Criteria

Note: any one of these would prevent input

  • Patient requires hospital admission due to severity of exacerbation e.g. unsatisfactory vital signs, acute confusion/ impaired conscious level, requires emergency oxygen or intravenous medication etc.
  • Complicating co-morbidity requiring further hospital care or investigation – particularly cardiac disease
  • Patient is more suitable for other community services e.g. post operative rehabilitation, conservative fracture management, hospice input etc. 
  • Patient refuses input
  • Loneworker issues identified that would prevent home visits
  • Inability to cope at home and does not have the necessary support in place