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2015 Success Rates

Glasgow Royal Infirmary’s success in 2015

In 2015 we carried out 1035 embryo transfers with 1535 embryos being transferred. 

We now have the data to show the number of babies born as a percentage (%) of the number of embryos transferred (live birth rate per embryo transferred) in 2015.

In the first graph below we have split the live birth rate (LBR) for all treatments into different female age groups and compared this with the available National Average (HFEA data).

All treatment cycles:

2015 hfea national avergae.png

To help you understand our success rates in relation to the type of treatment you are receiving, we have also split the live birth rate (LBR) into ‘fresh’ and ‘frozen’ embryos and into different age groups dependent on the female partner’s age at the time of treatment:

2015 fresh and frozen.png

*We want to bring to you the most current data we have on our success but due to the delay in validated results by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) we can only compare our current figures with the most recent national average which may not be for the corresponding year.