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During treatment

Q. Should I contact you if I have a period after my Prostap injection?

A. No, this is normal and should be expected.

Q. Should I contact you if I do not have a period after my Prostap injection? 
A. No, attend your next appointment as arranged and you will have an ultrasound scan and blood test to check your hormone levels. You may need some further medication prescribed.

Q. Can I take medication for pain?
A. You should not experience pain prior to egg retrieval and if you do you should contact the department for advice.

Q. I have dropped/smashed/wasted some of my medication, what should I do?
A. If you have enough of the medication to last until the next ACS working day keep taking it as instructed and phone the ACS (0141 211 5672) and leave your name, number and brief message.

If you do not have enough please phone 0141 211 5672 before 6pm. 
If it is after 6pm and you need to take the medication that night please phone Ward 56 (0141 211 4433) and ask if they have a supply of the medication. Please have the name & dose of the drug prescribed. 

Q. If I miss a dose of my nasal spray what do I do?
A. Take a dose of your spray as soon as you remember then continue as instructed. Read leaflet given.
Nasal spray instructions are: one spray at 7am, 12pm, 6pm and 11pm daily.

Q. Can I continue to have intercourse? 
A. Yes, however it is advised to avoid intercourse for around 48hours prior to egg collection in order for your partner to provide a good quality sperm sample if required.

Q. Can I fly? 
A. Yes, there is not any evidence that flying affects any aspect of your treatment.

Q. Can I have a dental X-ray? 
A. You should inform your dentist you are having fertility treatment and he will advise you accordingly?

Q. Can I colour my hair? 
A. Yes, there is not any evidence that colouring your hair affects any aspect of your treatment.